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Important News

Important News

When I was young I thought that being an inventor was the coolest thing in the world. It’s been a long journey bringing the Manhattan to life. There were many times where it seemed like it would just be a pipe dream. I got a patent in 2018, which was a huge deal, but a patent does not make it a success. It took another 2 years for me to get a working prototype—the first one required me buying a CNC mill and making every part of the intercooler except the core. 

I’ve been lucky in having a lot of support from large businesses who have praised the design and who have cheered me on, but I am still just a man and a small company. 

A chance link from a friend led me to the SEMA Young Executives Network (YEN) competition. I applied and became a semifinals. Now I’m in the fight of my young business life, to make it to the top ten so I can compete for the title of 2020 SEMA YEN champion. 

Winning would elevate my product and help it move along into larger production. I cannot emphasize how much it would mean for a man who started with a dream and not very much funding. If you would help me, please go to the link below and vote for the Manhattan Intercooler. 






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