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Few Words About Myself Nice to Meet You

Nice to meet you! My name is Brett Turnage. The Manhattan Intercooler has been a focus of my life for the past five years. I believe this is the future—a complete rethink of heat exchanger technology. I have trained under professional race team since college, learning manufacturing, fabrication, and composites and learning to master their techniques.


The Manhattan Intercooler or Modular Intercooler System turns a heat exchanger into a system of components. Instead of a completely welded design that is fixed and unchanging, it can be taken apart in minutes, parts can be swapped out, it can be repaired, cleaned, and reconfigured. We can also use new materials like carbon fiber for end tanks which can give thermal benefits over metal.


I built the Manhattan with the goal that it would be the best intercooler ever made. It uses only the best heat exchanger cores, and it is designed inside CAD to ensure the highest airflow and efficiency. Please help us welcome in the future of intercooling and radiator technology. 

Years on project
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years in composites
years a fabricator

Where magic is happening My Studio

This is the place, where I can work in the virtual world to create something brilliant. I’m talking about my development process which starts with Computer Aided Design (CAD). Once I perfected and tested the shapes, it then moves to 3D printed models and molds, before I fabricate it in either metal or composite material. Here is where we can discuss, iterate, and create different heat exchangers for a variety of cars, trucks, and planes.

Utilizing Science

Every part of the Manhattan is designed and planned out in CAD. There is no guessing on the shapes or the structure—every part is an exact recreation of the digital model which factors in maximizing flow and increasing efficiency. 

Bringing it To Reality

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